Loving you through Psoraisis

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Loving you through your medical condition can be challenging but you can do it. Psoriasis is a skin disease that causes red, itchy scaly patches, most commonly on the knees, elbows, trunk and scalp. It itches, its uncomfortable, and it can be embarrassing when people stare. However, you can still love you through the ups and downs of it.

Psoriasis doesn’t have permission to run my life anymore! I took it back! I remember when I was a little girl my grandmother would say stop covering your legs and she made me put on shorts. She would also say, ” …you’re beautiful just the way you are, God made you special.” There were others people that told me the skin lesions were awful and to hide them. I did that too.

Throughout life, It was a constant battle trying to get the psoriasis to go away. I often prayed for healing but what I realized is that the right prayer was to ask God what changes I needed to make to receive healing. Once I made this switch I saw a change. Over seven ago through research and trial and error I found out it was the food I was feeding myself. It is what contributed to my breakouts and I was committed to feel better and clear up my skin. Upon writing this article I decided to check out some recent articles and found that Everyday Health listed some additional foods one may have to avoid. Of course everyone is different. The one thing about psoriasis is it itch all day everyday and is very uncomfortable. I was determined to stop this from happening to me so I could feel some kind of relief.

I decided to let some things go. I let go of relaxing my hair. I kissed gluten, dairy, sugar, and citrus goodbye. Over time I was relieved of most of its side affects. Unfortunately, if I ever digress breakouts do reappear.

I now enjoy creating healthy food that has great benefits. In fact one of my favorite recently was my Salmon Bagel Beauties, they we’re delicious! Sometimes it takes a few tries to create a dish that taste good, but the good food isn’t not always pleasing, but I try anyway.

During this journey people would often ask, “What the heck do you eat?” I always respond, “Well, I eat a variety of foods, but I am careful about what I put in my food and temple. The greatest plus is getting back into gardening which allows me grow my own healthy food.

First, I want you to know you are beautiful just the way you are, God gave you a unique look, talent, walk, talk, vision, gift. Second, if there is a change you can make to feel better, and get your life back, do it. I know it is hard but with discipline, commitment, and persistence… you can reach those goals. I didn’t have a mentor to help me through but I’d be delighted to help motivate you through yours.