About me

Im Tiffany Everett, a true born Floridian!  I am a mother, sister, daughter, auntie, and founder of Z Expressions, a company that provide Growth, Support and Hope to Families and Consulting. This is my blog. I’m on a mission to Empower, Inspire, Support Moms and Embrace God’s design.

I begin my career learning visual basics eventually earning an Associates in Fashion and Bachelors in Communications, and for the last 25 years I have spent my career in the customer service, sales, real estate, and social media consulting all while raising a special needs son, homeschooling, running businesses. Having no formal training, I became excited when I built my first marketing website, then began expanding my knowledge about social media and live broadcasting and recently multi-streaming. I’m excited to share my experiences, and empower you to create a life you have desired.

I had my son born of Hydrocephalus and he is brilliant. The road travelled has been challenging but has left me with a rewarding unforgettable experience. Working from home has afforded me the opportunity to watch my child advance, missing not one moment of his growth. I stand for those who want to live life the way they want to and still meet those financial responsibilities. I enjoy helping others succeed and look forward to greater possibilities.

This blog is source for inspiration about all things from home to travel, to fashion and style, cooking, working from home, music, people, art and business. I hope to inspire you to add a little spice to every part of your life.