Dress up, technology, investing and parenting

TiffanyCEverett Fashion

This year we stayed home for the 4th of July and I enjoyed taking pictures and modeling in the camera again. But the fun did not stop there. This was the perfect day to learn more so that I can be better equipted in marketing and growing my businesses.

Technology is here to stay and it is always changing. To be current, we have to be able to be flexibile and change with the times of it as well and always belearning. There is this cool app called Vochi that allows your still images to come alive with movement. I used this on instagram to make the image more interactive. I recently became a member with Rewardstyle, so I took time to learn more about how to effectively utilize the app and post to instagram.

Real Estate Investing is a great way to have assets. I invested in a great course with the 10X Real Estate Grant Cardone to understand the investing processes. Real Estate is a fixed tangible asset that could allow you to produce cash flow . Cash flow come in the form of rental income, money you can use to invest more.

Martha Stewart says, ” A Organized home is a happy home, ” and I have been using this time to declutter and sell things I am not using on apps such as offer up and letgo. These apps allow you to generate some additional income that can be used to buy necessities.

Gluten-Free cooking is a staple in our home. Taking time to prepare meals daily can feel like a chore, but it is also rewarding in that you know all the ingredients. I have taken the time to be creative with our dishes, trying a variety of flavors and meals. It’s been fun!

During this time of the pandemic, our family has spent a lot of time together. We participate in church and group zoom meeting online as well as some piano classes online as well. This time has also lead to many open discussions about the past and current as it relates to injustices all over the world and we are using this time to become more knowledgeable as well.

This outfit is very comfortable. The waist pleated short skirt or similar can be paired with thin stripes tube socks and red casual high heel sandals or similar A great mom family day out outfit. The flower bow was designed by me.