A Moms Quick Dairy-Free Hot Chocolate to start the day.

TiffanyCEverett Family

Moms have such a busy schedule and the last thing we need is to spend unnecessary time making a drink early in the morning. Of course we have options. We can either grab something already made, make it ourselves, or have someone else make it for us. But making home-made hot chocolate yourself can make you feel like you accomplished a mission. It makes you feel comfortable knowing that you know exactly the ingredients you are feeding yourself. But of course if you have to make it yourself you do not want it to consume all your time. I always look for the quickest way to make delicious healthy foods. Also, to have something routinely available to sip each day helps the morning go a bit smoother.

One of my favorite drinks early in the morning is hot chocolate. But, not just any chocolate. I use cacao powder to make my drink. It takes about 10 minutes to make it and satisfies my desire for chocolate.

How to Make the Best Dairy Free Hot Chocolate.