Why Businesses are turning to social media app Clubhouse

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What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is an app you can download to your mobile device on Apple iOs and AndroidClubhouse is an audio social media app that you can listen to all over the globe. It is open 24 hours and 7 days a week and there is always a club available for you to participate depending on your taste. A Master Moderator helps to facilitate clubhouse rooms for businesses so that they can focus on connecting with their audience. 

 I joined Clubhouse in  2021 and have met people all over the world from Africa, Canada, Dubai and more. I have made connections, collaborated, hosted rooms,  made partnerships and located potential clients as well. 

Many people such as Isis Djata is making $30,000 a month on the app and has even started a Master Moderator University where she teaches clients how to perfect their craft. Elena Cardone has partnered with many agents on her EXP 10X estates and many of the agents met her on Clubhouse. Social media influencer, real estate investor and Discovery Channel’s Undercover Billionaire,Grant Cardone, got commitments for $8.5 million for his real estate fund, Cardone Equity Fund 11, using Clubhouse.Hill Harper announces the launch of The Black Wall Street (TBWS), as the first major step in closing the racial wealth gap in the United States. and he  introduced and discussed this with a live audience of clubhouse members on Clubhouse where he addressed questions and concerns by the audience.

Clubhouse allows brands to connect directly with their ideal clients and answer their questions and concerns in real time. Clients can also connect with your Instant messenger and reach out to you directly for additional questions and concerns about your products. This is so different from podcasting, live stream video, or any other app that was on the market prior to 2020. There are so many ways to grow your brands on clubhouse.

In order to join Clubhouse you will first need an invitation from another user already on the platform such as myself @tiffanyeceverett. Once you have downloaded the app you would then need to create your account. Once created you will connect your social media accounts,  then you will be able to participate in promoting your business, brand, or establishment. Ill also go over this and show you how after you Book your strategy call with Tiffany C. Everett

Businesses who are not familiar with the application are hiring Master Moderator to help them Operate their room so this way the Company can focus on connecting with the audience as instead of worrying about all the logistics of running a room. A Master Moderator  will conduct your room professionally and with poise. If you are seeking to promote your brand lets  Book a Strategy Call with Tiffany C.