What is a Home Owner Association in HouseBuying?

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A Home Owner Association, is a self-governing organization in communities where homeowners collectively pay fees to maintain the buildings or surrounding community. Typically there is a board of directors that consist of the community home owners whom come together to make decisions about how the community will be coordinated. Many times it consists of a President, Vice President, secretary, treasurer, etc.


  • Unified look of the homes within the community
  • Accessibility to Amenities such as a pool, security, and upkeep of a playground, etc. for owners.
  • The HOA is a mediator to resolving issue within the community such as a loud animal, broken down vehicles, illegal parking, pr other property related maters.
  • Manicured lawns may be included.


  • Monthly or yearly fees are required which may add an extra burden on your overall bills each month.
  • A lean can be placed on the property for unpaid fees.
  • The HOA has power to make decisions over the external look of your property and may frequently send violation notices.
  • There may be limits placed on the types of vehicles or animals you may have.

Should you buy a home with an HOA?

This is a personal decision that you would make when purchasing a home. The best thing to do is to write out the pro and the cons and out weigh them to see what would work for you. Ask yourself questions. Are you someone that will have time to mow your lawn each month. Do you need to have security? Do you need to have accessibility to a pool or community center? How much money will you have available to pay for a HOA each month? Once you have answered those questions then have a conversation with your Real Estate Agent so they will either show you homes with or without a Home Owners Association. I have seen customers who did not want an HOA and other after consideration they decided it would work best for them.