3 Surprising Ways to Solve Work at Home Fears

TiffanyCEverett Work From Home

Driving to the office and 9-5 work hours schedules is becoming a thing of the past. No longer should you have to schedule time with loved ones around your work schedule now it is visa versa. In an article published by Carolyn Gregoire, Senior Health & Science Writer of The Huffington Post  wrote “Working from home can be pretty great. …Plus, away from the stress of the office, you might actually get more done while also enjoying better work-life balance.”

The process to start working from home should not be complex. Many times we fail to thoroughly research a company, their products and requirements and just jump right in, which may consequently lead to fears, doubt and frustration. But, with a positive mindset, great tools, and the willingness to reach your goals, there are a few ways to solve those.

Working from home can afford you flexibility for other opportunities like going back to college to pursue your degree. Emily Perez,  a working mom and full-time college student, stated on a Facebook post, “The work opportunities are amazing, and Z Expressions is a wonderful Company.”

Z Expressions, a Company I founded is a Full Service Community Parent Resource Center for families of children with all disabilities, providing Growth, Support, and Hope through Mentoring, Consulting, and Virtual Work at Home Opportunities. A partner with the Arise Virtual Solutions Network, upon first glance a few years ago, I was amazed at the  job options that were available. However, upon first hearing, my first thought, like others, was skepticism. But, after thorough research, I discovered that agents select from a variety of Fortune 500 Companies, create their own schedule, work from the comfort of their home office, all while earning a stream of revenue.

I am passionate about helping parents reach their goals of working from home. These three tips can  help in the preparation process.

Tip one- Research, Research, Research. You want to make sure that the Company you are servicing is legitimate and that they operate with a business license. You can confirm by checking the State’s Division and Corporation records in which the company operates to see if a Company is in active status. Always do your due diligence.

Tip two- Be sure you have the technical requirements. The minimum devices you will need will be a computer, noise canceling headset, and a Plain Old Telephone Line (POTS). Some Companies also have technical requirements and a computer check screening process in place. The most frustrating thing that can happen is that you start working and your devices are not compatible or lack the required memory.

Tip Three- Have your home office set up to where you are comfortable. Some ways to do this is to select a great chair, since you will sit in it every time you work. Maintain a clean clutter free desktop to help you to remain focused on the task at hand. Having a door to the home office will help ensure that noises in the other part of the dwelling will be kept to a zero and it also provides privacy which will be necessary in order to be a successful work from home representative.

Working from home with Z Expressions is changing the box call center experience. Agents can create their own schedule while receiving revenue and select from customer service, sales, chat, and technical support in many fields such as cruise line, telecommunications, roadside assistance, and much more.
If you have been thinking about a change in your life, there are many opportunities out there, just be sure to do your research. The more time you invest in researching a potential Company before partnering with them, the less headaches you’ll experience later with your daily relationship with them.