How to Grow your own Cantaloupe from Cantaloupe Seed and why you should save your seeds.

TiffanyCEverett Gardening

Growing Cantaloupe is not difficult at all.

I can not believe it! It was just a wonder I put into effect! What happened shocked me. I was curious if at all it could actually happen, and so I put the theory to test. I read that you could actually grow your own cantaloupe simply by using those that you can get from a cantaloupe you are finished eating. I am going to walk you through how you can grown your own cantaloupe from your cantaloupe seeds. For this you will need a cantaloupe, something to remove the seeds like a finger or spoon, etc., soil, and water. This will only take you 20-30 minutes. There is also a video below as well.

Step 1

Grab a Cantaloupe that you have been eating, and remove seeds from it. I did not use every seed that was inside the cantaloupe. I will leave it up to you to decide how many seeds you think will work for your garden. But be careful because you will need to have a place that can house all your babies once they start producing.

Step 2

Lay the seeds on a paper towel then wipe them clean with another until you have removed most of the flesh. Or you can also let them stay out on the paper towel for a few days as well.

Step 3

Prepare your soil. I used a combination of cow manure and organic soil and mixed them together.I created a large contaciner of the prepared soil so that when Im ready to plant seeds its already ready to be used.

Step 4

Plant the seeds throughout the soil leaving 2 inches of spacing between each seed.

Step 5

Water the seedling and the soil.You will water the soil a few times a week so that it does not dry out and once a week be sure to give it some fertilizer.

Step 6

Now I wait to reap my harvest. I started to see my seedlings within 5 days of planting them. I havent yet planted the seedlings in the ground as I am researching various ways to plant them. I have been reading about growing them vertical, which will allow more room on the ground. But then once they are verticle they will need a hammock to keep them suspended. Of course I can plant them on the ground as well, so I am currently trying to figure out my options before I plant them. Be sure to check back on the progress and what I decided in an updated post.

Watch The Video Here