Fun Exciting Things to do in Florida with Mom and Teen | Mom and Son Fly

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If you have been searching for Fun Exciting things to do in life with Mom and Teen, a Mom and Son fly day could be a hit for your family like it was for mine. You see, it was my birthday so, I decided to do something I feared, had never done before, and would cost less than $100 for my son and I to do together. That lead me to travel to Orlando Florida to go flying in a four passenger helicopter.

We had these pictures taken in Orlando by Air Force Fun Helicopter Tours. The flight, photos and memories will be cherished in our lives forever. As you can tell by the photos we had a great time.

The helicopter flight was an exciting experience and a fantastic breakthrough. Before this day, just the thought of me traveling on small aircraft made me cringe with fear. (Eeek!) But after saying a prayer and gaining the courage to conquer the fear, I realized it was just something I had just conjured up in my mind because it was not as bad as I had envisioned. My son and I had a blast and were fearless that day and we both are looking forward to flying again very soon.

How were we able to zip over to Orlando mid-day? Let me tell you, working from home provides a type of  flexibility for moms unimaginable. Moms, while raising their families will have time to spend with those that matter the most. The best part is that you never have to miss those cherishable moments you can never, ever, ever, get back! I mean our kids are only the age they are right now ONE time. I can remember way back when my son was so tiny, but he’s almost all grown up now. This trip allowed us to spend son and mom time together, share a joyous birthday celebration, all while flying in a helicopter.

Hey while you’re here, check out the Live Video I created on Facebook about the flight experience and share your feedback with me.I think you’ll enjoy it!