Exciting New Work Opportunities for the New Normal

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10 ways to Adjust to Working from Home

Children are going back to school and fall is starting and may people are seeking to find work from home to be able to stay with their kids whom are home schooling. If you are coming from the corporate world, you may find this experience to be a bit different. I hear manly because there is less social contact that may people disregard working from home. But, in the end we can all adjust but it heavyly depends on our mindset.

When I think about working in the office, I think about how inflexible it is and how there is so many things that you can do in a day besides commuting all day long. In some cases it takes about 1 hour each way, assuming there is no traffic to get in your way. Then you have lunch that adds on to that and both costs you money. When you work from home you cut out that expense and can focus on other things that matter more. There are several work from home opportunities out there and with Z Expressions, Virtual Call Center where I am the Chief Executive Officer, you can create your own schedule and decide which company you prefer to work from home. These companies include but are not limited to:

  • Cruise Lines Industry
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Grocery Delivery
  • Cable and Internet Provider
  • Home Improvement Supplier
  • Healthcare
  • Major Theme Parks
  • Sporting Goods Provider
  • Clothing Industry

Before you stess yourself, wondering how you can adjust your new normal life to one where youll be working from home everyday, here is what you will need to know:

  1. Write down your goals daily. This way you will be able to check off the things you need to complete and have some direction instead of going throughout the day blindly.
  2. Time doesn’t wait for anyone, so be sure not to spend too much time on any one thing. In order to be effective place time limits on each item, and those phone calls that will sneak in throughout the day and avoid distractions as much as you can.
  3. Prepare your meals for the day so that you will have them lined up. If you have a child this would be a great time to get him or her in the kitchen with you to help prepare the meals for the day so each they are not constantly asking what do I eat.
  4. Move around throughout your shift and stand or sit, excercise at your desk, but make sure you are getting your circulation flowing and stretches and not sitting in the same position for the duration of your shift.
  5. Have a designated work space so that when you go into your office you know its business time and everytime on in the household too.
  6. Spend time with daily before your shift starts so that you have your family time and don’t feel guilty about not doing so.
  7. Stay active on your off time with family and get outside and do something like walking on the beach, horse-back riding, skating, etc.
  8. Make important phone calls before your shift so that once work starts you can focus on it.Practice self care and be sure to make your Dr. Appointment for yourself as well. Many times we focus on everyone else except ourselves but we are important to the family as well.
  9. Prepare a schedule for the kids. I have found that using a planner that has time stamped on it helps them to remain accountable and you can check the schedule on your to confirm they are tracking well.
  10. Meditate and find time to pray. This will help you to maintain balance throughout the day, knowing everything is in Gods hand.