9 Ways Moms Can Crush Work-Life Chaos and Soar

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I know as a single mom being the only bread winner of my family, it is difficult for a mom to crush work-life chaos and soar for success but maneuvering it all can be challenging albeit possible. I have been living a single parent lifestyle, homeschooling, and managing a business. Trust and believe me, if you find a way to crush your Work-Life balance, you can achieve so much more for yourself and your family.

1. Time Management

Time management is very important. I know it’s easy to wake up and jump on the telephone with friends and family for hours at a time. But, this practice is extremely time consuming and will not help you crush work-life balance. It is important to limit distractions, such as reading emails every minute, answering every single phone call, spending all day long on one thing, etc. Time Management is one of the keys to success. I have found that timers are of a great assistance for managing time, once the timer is up, you move on to your next project.

2. Schedule Goals in Blocks of Time

Breaking tasks up in order of importance will allow you to place yourself on a schedule. If you try to do everything in one day you will stress yourself out and it will consume your every thought. But, if you schedule those tasks sporadically you will be able to accomplish each task you set out to do in that day.

3. Virtual Work from Home

Moms can crush work-life chaos working from home. Especially when the  job that allows flexibility to select your own hours. This enables you to have so much more flexibility with your family life. Z Expressions allows moms to select from Fortune 500 Companies,  work from the comfort of their home,  all while earning revenue.

4. Prepare Food in Advance

One of the things I do is prepare dinner with breakfast. Man, does this practice save time! When it is dinner, I simply retrieve the prepared meal from the refrigerator, place it in the oven,  and set the timer to be notified when the food is ready.

5. Enjoy every single moment

Our children will be the age they are right now for only one time. When we enjoy the little things in life with them, the struggles are rewarding.

6. Stop Feeling Guilty

Our children need us to take a break so we can give them our very best. They need us to be strong, to provide for them, and take care of their needs. Quality time to renew our minds is not a reason to feel guilty. When we envision work as a vehicle to properly support our family we can then accept the fact that there will be some not so perfect days when mom has to step away from being with the kiddos for a moment for the benefit of the family.

7. Find Quality Help

When you work from home time for yourself is still a necessity. I have hired painters, car cleaners, housekeepers, hairdressers, etc. You can find and background check great nannies for date nights or spa days on Care.com. The change from being independent, doing everything by yourself to depending on the assistance of others, may feel uncomfortable at first. But, asking for help, allows others to use their ministries to help you. Lets face it, merited magnificent mommy time is well deserved!

8. Plan your Days

The night before, plan out your day using a scheduler, and discuss the schedule with family to set expectations. Have the kids clothing laid out, pack lunches, or have children prepare their snacks and fixings so they are available should they become hungry throughout the day. We also use a calendar in our home that lists times for the main weekly homeschool activities, many of which do not change throughout the school year. This helps everyone to know what to expect daily so they can be prepared for what is to come.

9. Have Fun with your Family

Whether we are visiting family, traveling, homeschooling, or enjoying recreational activities, we enjoy life and our special time together in the midst of the chaos. My desire is to soar in business, to have work-life balance and crush my daily and yearly goals and you can too.

What is working for you and your family when it comes to balancing work-life chaos? Comment here or follow me on Facebook. I would love to know and share with other moms.