6 things to never do when buying a house

TiffanyCEverett Real Estate

Buying a home can be filled with emotions. You may feel excited and also nervous, apprehensive or even terrified. And for good reasons because it is one of the big financial moves that you will have to make and there is a lot ways you can make a mistake so whether its your first time or even if you are seasoned there are still things you should never ever do.

Here are 5 things you should never ever do when you decide you are ready to buy a house. 

  1. Don’t look for houses without your Realtor. Its okay to browse online, in fact Ill provide you a link to the app you can download on your phone so that you can look for homes while you’re on a break, or having lunch, or even have a day out to yourself. You will find so many photos of beautiful homes in fact it’s a great way to get an idea of what is going on in the market.But when you’re ready to buy you should never look by yourself. Your realtor will help you view the homes, write the offer and make negotiotions.Trust your agent, They have your best interest and be honest with them and not hide things from them.

2. Don’t buy large purchases when its time for you to buy your home. You may really want that brand new car, or you may want to co-sign for someone or help someone out, that furniture may be calling your name, but your loan approval is based on your current financial situation so when you make changes the lender questions these type of financial changes so once you are approved you want to wait until after your closing.

3. Avoid  changing your job. When the financial insiutution looks at your situation they are looking for stability and they look at employment history as well. I know you may have a supervisor that getting on your nerves, or perhaps you are ready to accept higher pay or a better situation, and you can do this, however you want to wait until after you have your closing,

4. Dont spend the money you are going to need to cover your closing costs. Money may be tight and thats understandable but the most disappointing things that could happen is you find the home that you want to buy, you look and look and look, for days probably months, and then you find it. That diamond in the rough. You walk in to the home, and your heart rate increases, and you start envisioning where you want your furniture to go, you know where you want your bed to go, which family member will have which room, I mean you get so excited and then you’re ready to put in your offer. Then you have conversations about closing costs with your financial advisor only to find out that you have spent your closing costs. You don’t want that to happen so the best things to do is to stay focused, strong, and avoid spending that money because you’re going to need it as the home buyer you’ll be responsible for your portion of the closing costs.

Keep these 6 things in mind and your goal of owning your new home will be so much easier.