10X Marketing – A single moms marketing strategies.

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Like a Orchid that requires care and cultivation, so does a moms career. So many times we focus so much on every one else’s needs and neglect ourselves, placing our careers and dreams on hold. I am guilty of doing the same as I worked many years as a single mom balancing my career and child of hydrocephalus and Aspbergers but never gave up the dream of owning a company and become a real estate agent. Now that he is nearing adulthood, I’m needing to switch gears quickly to ensure that I am generating enough wealth for my future. But how does one do this? How do you find a way to make what you do, known to others who know very little about who you are? There is this word called marketing, and Investopedia says, “Marketing refers to activities a company undertakes to promote the buying or selling of a product or service. Marketing includes advertising, selling, and delivering products to consumers or other businesses.”

I decided to find out who is the top person in the marketing space today whom is not only talking about it but actually participating in doing so daily. Grant Cardone says, he made more money in 2019 than any other single human being in the world and crowd funded over 3 million in the last 25 months with almost no ad budget. I decided to kick it up in beast mode and take a 10X Marketing Course, network with like minded individuals and be held accountable. The purpose of the marketing class is to learn how to market yourself in such a way that when you walk into a room, people know your product or brand and what it represents. I signed up for the Grant Cardone Marketing Mentorship 7 week program because I know that with the knowledge that he and his team has gained over the years, if I apply myself, I can do the same.


  • Grant Cardone

In the first day of signing up I watched introductory videos which explained what I can expect over the next seven weeks and was also given assignments to work on so that I can gain a better understanding of my successes, failures, losses, accomplishments and so much more. I had to really give it some thought and dig deep and think about my life and ways I can use to communicate my story or testimony. What happened in your life and how did you overcome?

Testimony as a form of praise and honor to Christ and sharing personal testimony with others is a must do for all Christians.” You never really realize it but everything that you have been through makes you stronger and that knowledge helps prevent others from making the same mistakes or gives them inspiration that they can get through it as well. But it starts with me, it starts with you. You are communicating your testimony to help someone else.

There are so many ways you can market your brand and taking the time to write down all that you do is very important in discovering your story. There are so many forms of social media from Facebook, to Instagram, Periscope, Youtube to even Podcasts. and many more ways you can distribute yours on social media. Ill update you about what Im learning in this course and would encourage you to invest in yourself so that you can live the life you desire to have.

What changes are you making today to create the life you desire?