10 Things Successful Working Homeschool Moms Actually Do

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Do you want to be a Successful Homeschool Mom?

Did you know that no one is perfect at homeschooling? Not even after 12 years, I would admit I am not perfect, but have had great success and have concluded that it was the best decision I made for my child whom was diagnosed with autism.

To be a Successful Homeschool Mom you will need to have patience.

To be successful you first have to have a lot of patience. You see. Homeschooling is not a piece of cake. There will be some things you will not know and there will be some days your child or you just don’t feel like it. But you will have to understand that there will be ups and downs and in order to get through it you will have to find a way to relax and allow God to help you get through it. You may have to step away from your child and go to another room, you may have to talk your children on a walk or go to the park. It will be important to find a way to let God and Let God and choose to be happy.

To be a Successful Homeschool Mom you will need to be creative in the kitchen.

You will need to find ways to create meals that do not take hours to create. One of the things that I found to be helpful is when I create a weekly meal schedule. This allows everyone to know what the meal is for specific days and whom is responsible for cooking it. I have many recipes that I create that take little time and perhaps some of them will help you prepare for your next breakfast, lunch or dinner.

To be a Successful Homeschool Mom you will need to spend time with your child.

Children cannot raise themselves nor can them teach themselves. You will need to find time to teach them early in the morning, which will then give them time to complete most of their homework in the evening times. At least this is what worked for me for many years. In fact I worked from home while homeschooling and was creative with scheduling so that I could make sure the work was completed.

To be a Successful Homeschool Mom you will have to avoid distractions.

Distractions are the number one reason why you can not get things done in a timely fashion. Especially when everyone knows you are home. You will have neighbors knocking on your door, family members, and social medial and video games taking up your every minute of the say. The only way to avoid these distractions is to be honest with everyone and let them know when school is in session. If they try to disregard your homes rules and guidelines, then they will have to be ignored.

People must respect your household and you will have to be stern when it comes to distractions. You will often have friends and family calling you all times of the day, but again, youll have to find a way to minimize these distractions even if it means placing your phone on silent.

Your kids will try to play video gmes all day as well and use social media too. I have found that if you give them a time that they can do these activities, they will try their best to complete their work early so they can take advantage of the perks.

To be a Successful Homeschool Mom you will need to have mom time.

Its not all about the kiddos. Moms need time too. I have a day I call pamberusunday and I do live on twich and invite other moms to join me as we prepare ourselves for the week. Its a lot of fun even though the audience is not thatbig. But I love it because it allows me to do my nails on Sunday so Im ready for the week. Othwr times Ill make my favorite smoothie, go on a trip to the get my eyebrows done, or simply take a trip to the garden and plant some seeds or fertilize the plants. Whatever your favorite things is to do, you will want to do that every week. This will help you keep your self in a happy place.

To be a Successful Homeschool Mom you will need to meditate on God’s word daily.

Spending time with the Lord each day allows you to connect and let go of those things you have no control. We can not control how our children want to feel from one moment to the next, nor can we control their personalities. They are who they are and we have to work with some their feelings and help them learn. Our strength that will carry us through one moment to the next will come from The Lord. He will help us get through. He gives us peace when there is a storm. When we worry we can put it in his hands knowing everything will be okay.

Taking time to meditate on Gods word will take time and it will take some effort. I have found that all kinds of thoughts will decide to distract me while I am trying to meditate on Gods word. So it will be a struggle to focus at first, but by shutting out the noise, the thoughts and people, you will be able to transform your life and your families too.

To be a Successful Homeschool Mom, you will have to keep clutter to a minimum.

Clutter seems to be an invisible little guy that goes around placing things everywhere but where they are supposed to go. It seems placing things in their rightful place is impossible sometimes. But in order to be a successful homeschool mom, its an issue you will need to address quick or you will quickly feel like you are sinking in a pile of stuff.

One of the things that have worked for me, is to place things in a rolling bin with labels. For example construction paper, art supplies, pens, chalk, yarn, clay, they all have their respective places in the bins. The book shelf is also labeled according to the type of books as well. So that when you are looking for a specific books like art, music, or animals, you know where you can find them in alphabetical order.

To be a Successful Homeschool Mom you will need to schedule cleaning days.

I know that scheduling cleaning days may sound strange, but in my home we have to do this. Some days are for washing, some are for cleaning, and other are for putting the clothes away. However you decide to do so, you will find that trying to do all this during the school week, while working may seen like a difficult task. Another thing that can help is your child have a schedule to know when they are supposed to clean so you are not constantly reminding them of the task, but rather inspecting to make sure it was completed.

To be a Successful Homeschool Mom you will need to get you some rest.

How can you work, homeschool, and be a mom all the same time when you are sleep deprived. I know first hand how this feels when I do not feel well and unable to obtain adequate rest. You feel irritated, little things bother you and you can not be yourself or give your kids the proper attention they will need to be successful.

Homeschooling comes with its own struggles and the last things you will need is to be tired. You will need to be rested, so that you can give the proper time needed to prepare the lessons, comprehende it, and teach it. You will also need to have a peace of mind and this comes from getting a good nights rest.

To be a Successful Homeschool Mom you need to have goals?

Goals are important. Goals help the parent to have a successful day and allows the children to have something to reach for each day as well. When your child knows they can have the prize after achieving the days milestones, that helps them to be successful as well, one in their school work, and two in their personal life because they have the opportunity to let their hair down at the end of the day. Finances will be an important part of achieving your goals. In order to help people you have to first help yourself and one way to do that is have some form of income coming in. Z Expressions helps families generate extra income for their families through work from home opportunities.

If this is your first year or if you are a veteran, It is my prayer that you have a very successful home school year and that your children and you have a blast while doing it together. Should you have any questions feel free to comment below.