7 Lighting Ideas to brighten up your Home

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Lighting can make a big different in a home. It is essential to any room. Lights can take you from feeling claustrophobic to feeling open and free to move around. I have found that in a dark room my energy level sinks but when I turn on the lights and open the blinds, I feel rejuvenated.

Crystal Raindrop Pendant

Pendant Lighting fixtures can go in your kitchen or dining room area and typically they hang down. They can enhance an area and bring extra lighting to any space.

Recessed Ceiling Light

Recessed lighting is installed flush above the ceilings. They come in various materials and also can be found in Baffle trim , reflector trim, open trim, gimbal trim, pin hole trim, wall wash trim, and shower trim.

LED Curtain Window Lights

Window lights are flexible and can be installed just about anywhere. They can be designed outside or inside. Many people use them during the holidays, but they can also be used for special occasions, events, parties or an outdoor evening. You can add them to a mason jar to light up a space. They allow for much creativity.

Willow Twig Lighted Branch

Designer desk, floor or table lamps can add decor to any room. They are portable, provide ambient lighting, and usually directs the light upward.

Track Lighting

Track lighting is usually mounted or suspended from the ceiling. The direction of the heads are adjustable so that you can turn the light in any direction that you may choose. So if there happens to be an area that appears darker then you can easily lighten it up by turning the head into that desired direction. Track lighting come in many sizes, shapes, colors, and materials. You can find just about any kind that will work for the space you are trying to create.

Rotating LED Wall Sconce Lamp

Wall Sconces are mounted to the wall and allow for the light to go up towards the ceiling. Many times the shade covering the light is glass or plastic. This will work for you if you desire a certain mood, style or feel for a room.

Chandelier Pendant Light

Chandeliers provide ambient lighting and can add decor to any room. Although this one is pictured in the dining room, you can really have fun with them because they can go just about anywhere that you want to bring a bold statement in your home.

Okay, it is your turn to comment below. What is your favorite lighting? Or, what type of light do you desire to have for your new home?

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